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Welcoming 2017’s volunteer mentors

With the start of the 2017 mentoring cycle fast-approaching, we have been busy meeting new mentors at our launch events in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

The launch events are designed to welcome new mentors onto the programme, and equip them with the knowledge they need before embarking on their mentoring relationship. Mentors heard from previous mentors and mentees, and found out more about the SMF and the social mobility landscape, before having the opportunity to network with their fellow mentors.

Each mentoring relationship is very much unique to the mentor and mentee involved. The launch events were a fantastic opportunity for new mentors to hear about the different experiences of those already involved. The support of experienced SMF mentors and mentees was key to the success of the events, dispelling misconceptions about mentoring and sharing valuable advice for new mentors to take forward for their own mentoring relationships.

“I found that some things can really only be answered by those who were once on the other side of the relationship as this allows the mentors to really adjust their approach based on real life past experiences.”

The mentoring relationship is one pillar of support provided to SMF students, and is guaranteed to all students who join our programme each year. Each mentor brings with them a wealth of knowledge and professional insight that their mentee can benefit from. It is often the first opportunity an SMF student will have to speak to someone who can provide meaningful career insight, as they navigate confusing and competitive routes into their desired career. The time and expertise of more than 1000 mentors each year is vital to the success of the mentoring programme.


As our regional expansion continues, we look forward to seeing more local mentoring relationships flourish, and to working with mentors evermore closely across our cities. We are always delighted to welcome mentors as guest speakers at events, and to support further opportunities for SMF students such as work placements. If you are a mentor and would like to know more about ways to get more involved, you can get in touch at

To find out more about mentoring with the SMF you can watch our mentoring video, and read about Catherine and Safah’s experience of mentoring last year.

If you would like to get involved in our next mentoring cycle, starting in spring 2018, please do complete this short registration form and we will be in touch from autumn 2017.

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