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APP Eligibility Criteria


To join APP City students must live within an hour of either Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester or Newcastle and meet two sets of criteria; background and academic.

If you are, or have been, a Child in Care, please read our eligibility information here.


  • Be currently in Year 12 or S5
  • Be predicted at least ABB at A-level/ABBB in Highers/IB equivalent
  • Have at least 5 A grades at GCSE or 5 A/B grades at National 5


  • Have at least 4 A grades at GCSE or 4 A/B grades at National 5 and took these at a school on this list


  • If you are studying at a Scottish school where you take your Highers over two years (between S4 and S5) and are predicted ABBB

Some of our sectors have particular academic requirements. You can find out what these are by reading about our additional requirements here.

Please note we consider exceptions for those that have had serious disruption to their studies. This will need to be confirmed by a teacher.


  • Be personally eligible for Free School Meals (household income is below £16,190 if in England/Wales/Northern Ireland or £16,105 if in Scotland) during secondary schooling


All APP City students must also live in, or within 1 hour commuting distance from Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle.

To help identify if you are eligible, please use the following eligibility charts. For students living in London, click here. For students living in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool or Manchester, click here.

We will assess eligible students on the basis of the quality of their completed application forms, their school/college context, family history of higher education and teacher references.

To find out the reasons for our eligibility criteria, please click here.

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