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Social Mobility Employer Index

The 2017 Index is now closed for submissions. Please click here if you would like to sign-up to receive information about the 2018 Index.

The Social Mobility Employer Index (The Index) is a joint initiative between the Social Mobility Foundation and the Social Mobility Commission. It is an important benchmarking tool primarily targeted at sectors which are keen to improve their approach to social mobility. We hope that it will also serve as a framework to help organisations to identify actions they can take.

The Index – key facts:

  • Scoring is confidential and will not be published, and the Index will only highlight top firms and best practice; it is not designed to be a ‘name and shame’ exercise.
  • All organisations choosing to take part will be entitled to remain anonymous, receiving feedback on their performance against their peers without being named in the published list.
  • Each employer will receive a feedback report highlighting areas where they performed well and areas where improvements can be made.
  • We do not anticipate that any organisation will be able to answer every question or section of the Index, and understand that all employers are at different stages of their social mobility journey. We only require organisations to be able to answer questions in a minimum of one full section (in addition to providing the workforce information in section one) in order to submit.
  • The Index questionnaire has been developed in consultation with, and following feedback from, social mobility experts and major employers, and is based on Social Mobility Commission research.
  • There is no charge for submitting.

If you have any questions about the Index please contact or call 020 3778 0520

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