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Looked After Young People and Care Leavers

Am I eligible?

We have two sets of criteria for our programmes; socio-economic background and academic.

Children in Care automatically satisfy our socio-economic background criteria.

Because we target high-achieving young people, the academic criteria is high.

However, we recognise that young people who have spent time in care may have had a disrupted education or other difficulties. We know that, for some teenagers, this means their academic grades may not truly reflect their ability and their potential.

With this in mind we welcome applications from young people in care, providing:

  • ¬†They are intent on applying to university
  • They are interested in working in one of our professional career areas
  • They have a strong supporting reference written by a suitable referee (teacher, social worker etc.) which explains extenuating circumstances and affirms their academic and professional potential if they missed the required grades.

We’ve supported a number of care leavers in the past and are looking to help even more. So if you think you meet the above criteria, please apply¬†today!