Each of our Programmes are carefully designed to open up professions for those with the ability to join them in the future, but without the means or networks to get there.

We aim to give people a real insight into top professions and to provide them with the skills needed to achieve their aspirations.  We select only those who meet our criteria to ensure that we are supporting those who need it most.

Our core focus is on students in the first year of their further education (Year 12/S5).  We help them to build networks of support which will allow them to develop professionally and give them the best chance of reaching a top university. The Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme is open to all those of working age from anywhere in the country.

In 2014, we will be begin to create a network of regional offices to ensure we can support young people from anywhere in the UK. The first city we will open an office in will be Manchester to cover the North West region. We will also be running accountancy and engineering residential programmes for the first time, in partnership with KPMG and CH2MHILL respectively.  We’re looking forward to further increasing our work in order to support students regardless of where they live.

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