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SMF Support After Sixth Form

Internship and graduate scheme application support

During your undergraduate studies you will be provided with tailored sessions to help you with upcoming applications for first and penultimate year internships as well as graduate schemes.  These include CV writing support, application writing support and support regarding how best to approach assessment centres, presentations and interviews.

 Professional development and career support

The professional development continues whilst as university where you’ll be given the opportunity to attend workshops developing your communication, team working and networking skills further as well as sessions to ensure you create lasting impressions during your undergraduate internships and graduate schemes.  You will also receive regular newsletters regarding: current opportunities, what you should be doing to stay ahead and exclusive advice from our alumni network and the top firms we work with.

 Support given to alumni students

Once you have finished university you will become part the Aspiring Professionals alumni network which has more than 1800 alumni.   Our alumni network is integral to what we do as we call upon our professionals to help provide key advice and tips for our current students, with some even becoming mentors.  As part of the network, you’ll receive newsletters informing you of current news and activities from the Social Mobility Foundation as well as further fantastic opportunities with the top firms and organisations we work with.