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Social Mobility Employer Index

The Social Mobility Employer Index is now open for submissions – please click here to start your submission. The Index will be accepting submissions until 3rd May 2017.

The Social Mobility Foundation and the Social Mobility Commission will publish an annual employer index on social mobility, beginning in 2017. Britain’s top businesses will be ranked for the first time on how open they are to accessing talent from all socio-economic backgrounds.

The index is an important benchmarking initiative targeted at ‘elite’ sectors which, traditionally, have low rates of social mobility – such as law, accountancy, media, banking and finance and the sciences.

The index is not designed to be a ‘name and shame’ exercise. All firms will choose to take part, will be entitled to remain anonymous and any firm finishing outside the top list will not be named.

To take part, firms will answer a range of questions about their practices and procedures in the areas listed below. They will be ranked by a respected panel of experts and receive recommendations for areas for improvement. The index questionnaire has been developed in consultation with, and following feedback from major employers and social mobility experts. Categories include:

  • working with young people – well-evaluated programmes that reach beyond the doorstep of the office to all of the country’s talent, and which provide routes into the employer/profession for those that have the interest and aptitude
  • routes into work – well-structured non-graduate routes that provide genuine parity of esteem and comparable progression to graduate ones
  • attraction – innovative ways of reaching beyond graduates of the usual five to ten universities many top employers focus their efforts on
  • recruitment and selection – evidence that the employer a) removes hurdles that will disproportionately affect those from lower socio-economic groups and b) is moving to a system that judges potential rather than just past academic performance or polish
  • data collection – rigorous analysis of the profile of the workforce and of measures taken to improve its diversity
  • progression – effective strategies that help those from lower socio-economic groups get on rather than just get in
  • internal/external advocacy – action to get more of their staff involved in efforts to improve social mobility and to get suppliers/peer firms to also take action

If you have any queries about the index, please contact