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Angelo’s Story

Name: Angelo

Home area: Haringey, London

Professional sector: Medicine

Career aspiration: Doctor

I was introduced to the SMF through a college email. I saw that the programmes offered many great opportunities ranging from tailored university visits to even an internship specific to your sector. This really encouraged me to apply, since I wanted to have a greater insight into the career I aspire to enter.

Through the SMF, I was fortunate to be offered an internship at the University College London Hospital. I felt incredibly lucky to be present in different theatres observing many surgeries. One very memorable surgery was observing a Laparoscopic Appendectomy which is more easily described as the removal of the appendix. After befriending a doctor during that surgery, she allowed me to shadow her the next day, in which I went on ward rounds and spoke to patients. I began to gain an understanding of the real emotional strength a healthcare professional needs on a daily basis.

Having an online mentor in the medical profession has also been beneficial as this has allowed me to draw on her own experiences, not only as a paediatrician but as a medical student too. I am glad to say I am still in regular contact with my mentor and will maintain contact throughtout my time at university. I am currently studying at Queen Mary, University of London.

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