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Jasmine’s Story

Name: Jasmine

Home area: Greenwich

Career aspiration: Systems Analyst

My entire academic life has been spent at institutions in South London. The area is known for its low levels of entry to university. This, combined with living in a single-parent household, meant that going to university seemed like a far off horizon I could only grasp by ‘working my socks off’.

Despite attending a sixth-form college in one of the worst boroughs for academic achievement in South London, I was fortunate enough to be eligible for the SMF’s Aspiring Professionals Programme. For a young woman, with my background, who aspires to make it in the male-dominated technology sector, connections really matter. Since being accepted onto the Social Mobility Foundation’s Aspiring Professionals Programme, my network has grown immensely in comparison with if I was networking on my own. The opportunities that have been presented to me have been greatly beneficial.

I have felt well supported with the university application process and wouldn’t hesitate to say that the SMF excels in this area. I’ve met some great people and made lasting connections, which I wouldn’t have done without the help of the SMF.

I am currently studying Business Computing Systems at university, so I am well on my way to achieving my career aspiration.


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