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Jordan’s Story

Name: Jordan

Home area: Newham

Professional sector: Media & Communications

University: University of Leicester

I joined the SMF in August 2010 when I was in Year 12. I lived in an area of high unemployment and scarce opportunities. None of my family went to university and I assumed I would be the same way, since I didn’t value education.

I applied to the SMF’s Aspiring Professionals Programme after my media teacher informed me of the opportunity. I was assigned a mentor in the BBC who was really helpful and made me realise that I did want to enter the media industry. Then I was fortunate enough to get a week’s work experience at Sky Movies and thought it was worth going to university.

The experience allowed me a door into Sky. I kept in touch with the manager of Sky Movies Planning after the internship and went back for more work experience every year. Through doing this, I ended up with a job at Sky even before I graduated from the University of Leicester in June!

I am currently on a 9 month contract working at the On Demand department in Sky. As I said before, if it wasn’t for the SMF then I wouldn’t have had this great opportunity. I read an article in the news about how Britain is becoming more like Downton Abbey and social mobility is dying. I am a great supporter of social mobility, I realise the value of education and I will never forget all the good work the SMF and its supporters have done for me.



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