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Laurie’s story

I had always struggled in deciding what I wanted to do, at one point I wanted to be just about everything. Soon I decided that because I loved to write stories with my Nan and I loved books that  I would become a writer…or a librarian or a book shop owner. I decided to focus on going on to study English Literature at university.

I am hardworking and ambitious so the only thing I seemed to be lacking was connections and, as is often the case, it’s about who you know and not what you know. When my teacher approached me with the opportunity to take part in the Social Mobility Foundation’s (SMF) Aspiring Professional Programme (APP) I was thrilled at the prospect of meeting professionals from all different kinds of careers and  meeting other keen, like-minded students. I was so excited to be accepted onto the programme and the helpful SMF team have made the experience even better.

I have been able to access so many wonderful opportunities that I wouldn’t have done by myself such as the opportunity to attend a number of workshops, work experience weeks and an SMF professional boot camp that really helped me in gaining confidence in formal and interview situations.

I have also been able to meet some amazing people. Especially in the case of the e-mentoring programme, which has really helped me a lot in terms of gaining first-hand knowledge of the types of careers my university course can help give me a head start in.  Mentoring is just one of the parts of the APP that makes it valuable and beneficial – having a contact in the career sector I wish to enter is very advantageous. It has been really interesting to hear about my mentor’s own experiences and the journey they had taken to get where they are today with the different opportunities and pitfalls they themselves have encountered.

I was able to learn a great deal on the APP about the workplace, university & job interviews and much more – all are essential in building my future. I couldn’t be more thankful to have been given the chance to be a part of the SMF and I know from university application to graduation that they will be there to support me and many others.

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