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“I look forward to gaining invaluable knowledge from a professional who has already achieved what are only aspirations to me at the moment”

Over the last month, the Social Mobility Foundation’s (SMF) Year 12/S5 students have been busy getting their online mentoring relationship off the ground. Students are matched with mentor for a year from within the career sector they hope to enter.

We have a fantastic pool of mentors, each bringing with them their own story and experiences, making each mentoring relationship unique and valuable. Our mentors are from all walks of life and at various stages within their own career – from being CEO of their own company, newly qualified solicitors, to medical students in their clinical years. A growing number of mentors every year are SMF alumni, having gone through the SMF programme and entered a professional career; and now returning to volunteer as a mentor.

Each mentor provides invaluable knowledge and insight into their career which can prove to be critical guidance to their mentees who are making key decisions around degree subjects and universities and the impact of this on their future career. A mentor from last year said the following about mentoring an SMF student:

It has been a very refreshing opportunity, to mentor for the SMF. It is a gratifying experience to see my mentee’s confidence grow at the same time as opening their eyes to the world of work. It is also good to break down preconceptions about certain industries.”

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Students are able to use their mentor’s support to improve their knowledge around their chosen profession, to increase their confidence and ultimately help them make more informed decisions about their future career whilst building their professional contacts.

“Having a mentor has really helped me to develop an understanding of how the business sector works and taught me ways in which I can prepare for my future career, ahead of time”

With over 1200 students joining the SMF this year, a tremendous number of mentoring relationships are forming. We saw over 20,000 emails exchanged with last year’s cohort, and we’re looking for it to be an even more successful year!

As always before the start of a mentoring programme cycle, we have been busy meeting new mentors all around the country over the last 6 months to get them ready for the programme, and for the first time ever we held a mentoring launch in Glasgow, for new and existing mentors. This was a chance for mentors to come meet SMF staff, find out more about their role as a mentor, and have the opportunity to hear from SMF students as they shared their experiences of having a mentor and what they found the most beneficial. It also provided an opportunity for mentors to meet each other and network.

As we expand regionally, and the number of mentors across the country grows, we are looking forward to hosting more events, to support and continue building successful mentoring relationships.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for our next cycle starting in Spring 2017, please do complete this short registration form here.

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