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City Talent Initiative 2016 with EY Financial Services

In 2016, the professional services firm EY entered its fourth year supporting SMF students as part of the City Talent Initiative. The programme with EY started out with just 4 students with a keen interest in a career in financial services back in 2013. This summer, EY welcomed back a total of 16 students from last year in addition to 7 new students. They were all placed within EY’s Financial Services business.

Working closely with their mentors and service line teams, the students had the chance to get stuck in to a variety of projects and engagements. Many of the students will look to return to EY next year to undertake further placements as part of the firm’s investment in this programme.

The students gained some valuable learning experiences from this opportunity and EY said it was “proud to host them”. The learning is always two way, and all those who worked with the students welcomed the opportunity to do so.
Here’s what some of the students said of their experience:

“I was given the opportunity to accompany a partner and a Director in to a client meeting. This was a perfect opportunity to see how EY people directly advise and interact with clients and the extent of support and knowledge they are able to provide”

“I have gained lots of confidence and still want to continue to learn more about this profession and explore the different service lines to get an even greater understanding about the working world.”
“I worked on researching the impact that Brexit will have on financial institutions. Working with the other interns, I had to come up with the financial advantages and disadvantages of Brexit; what information we already have for Brexit; what alternatives to the EU are there; and what inputs and outputs will there be. This was for a ‘strategy session’ on Brexit”

“Attending several meetings: internal catch-ups, meeting with clients, cross-service line meetings and joining conference calls has given me a good insight how the business works and provided me with a better awareness of differences in communication”.

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