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Arup hosts insight day for sixth form students

On Friday 16th June 2017, Arup worked with the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) to host an engagement day for 16-17 year olds interested in Engineering and Physics.

During the day, guest speakers came in from Arup and the Institute of Physics to talk about pathways into these careers, including the need for a Chartership into Engineering.

After, we rotated around six speakers – one of whom was a structural engineer. He spoke about the applications of Mathematics in the field, such as trigonometry, mechanics and calculus, as well as the need to pass a seven-hour exam in Engineering. To be frank, it was daunting when we heard of it, but I’m sure we will all agree that through determination and spirit, we will be able to discover a long-lasting enjoyment in the related fields.

The highlight of the day was certainly the design activity after lunch. We were asked to design, build and test a scale-model glider in pairs. We were judged on three criteria: the distance the glider could travel, the time of flight and the product distance ×time. Before all this fun, we were given an introduction to glider design: the forces acting on it, the Coanda effect, the nose drive and stall, by Dr. Geoff Parks from the University of Cambridge. The pair with the highest product achieved a value of around 34m·s – truly amazing! They stunned the whole room by travelling a distance of 12m. A very well done to them! In the meantime, as the results came through on the main screen, everybody’s eyes were glued to the figures, with necks reaching forward, hoping they could claim the top positions – my partner and I came third.

As a final note, a big thank you to all guest speakers and Dr. Parks. We really learnt a lot from you. Also, thank you to the Social Mobility Foundation, who were able to partner with such a top Engineering firm, which I am grateful for, as well as our hosts, Arup.

Holly, SMF student, 2017.

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