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Kick-starting the SMF mentoring programme in 2018

Next month will see the launch of the 2018 mentoring programme, when all of our new SMF sixth-form students will be introduced to their e-mentor.

SMF e-mentors support students by giving them the opportunity to have a 1:1 relationship with someone who is working in the job or sector they too hope to enter. Mentors play a huge part in helping their mentee to make the most of the opportunities available on the Aspiring Professionals Programme, in exploring their professional and academic interests, and in developing their confidence and skills.

To welcome our newest mentors, we hosted a series of launch events across the UK. We looked at the issue of social mobility in the UK, before discussing the ways that mentors can best support their mentees, for instance by setting achievable goals, discussing their own experiences, and sharing reading or news about developments in their industry.

The launch events were also an exciting opportunity for new mentors to hear from current mentors and mentees. Our panel speakers shared their experiences, fond memories, and tips for starting new mentoring relationships. They also answered questions, which ranged in content from how to build a good rapport with students to framing social mobility in the UK.

The SMF mentoring team then also trod some unfamiliar ground when we hosted our first ever webinar for new mentors who couldn’t make it to a launch event. Professionals from around the UK dialed in to hear from the team and some of our existing mentors.

Don’t worry if you’re a mentor and couldn’t make it to a launch or the webinar; these sessions are an opportunity to share some hints and tips for inspiration but they’re not a prerequisite to be involved! Once new mentors are assigned their SMF mentee, they’ll be sent a soft copy of our mentoring handbook and some other resources to help them get started, covering the key areas discussed a the launch. We are also available and always happy to answer any questions: please email us on or ring 02071831189.

We will be launching the mentoring programme on a rolling basis in the coming days and weeks. We eagerly anticipate the blossoming of the future mentoring relationships over the next nine to twelve months!

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