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From SMF student to J.P. Morgan graduate: Ryan Daniel tells us about his journey to working at the international investment bank.

My name is Ryan Daniel and I’m a 3rd year student of Politics, Economics & Philosophy at the University of York. I feel immensely proud to be joining J.P. Morgan as a full-time employee as of summer 2019.  There’s certainly a story behind my journey and I am keen to share it with you.

My journey with J.P. Morgan started with the Aspiring Professional Programme back in 2015, which then led to the SMF Returners Programme in 2016. These work experience placements have been invaluable as I’ve been given the opportunity to develop myself both professionally and personally.  I have said to many people that the SMF’s programmes are invaluable in that they give you ‘the audacity to think you belong in a place like this.’ The programme has raised my confidence immensely as well as strengthening my ability to interact with new people. After seeing what was out there for me if I worked hard and made use of opportunities, I developed a stronger drive to succeed and eventually get a job at J.P. Morgan.

The Returners Programme was especially crucial for me as it took place in Wealth Management, helping me realise that this was where I wanted to start my career. I loved how it fused my passions for both markets and people – with relationship building at its core. It was here that I met the Middle East team, the team that I will be joining when I start the Graduate Role. The SMF had stressed the importance of mentoring and maintaining strong links and this couldn’t be truer. The sessions run by individuals like Emily Margot and Joanne Griffiths all added up as SMF students become aware of how to carry themselves in an office environment. The APP programme provided me with a solid platform that allowed me to gain a position on Spring Week in 2017 and then the Summer Analyst Role.

I am under no illusions of thinking that my success has been solely the product of my own efforts. It can be nice to believe in a pure meritocracy, but it is undeniable that a helping hand can be the difference between getting into a top firm or not. This makes the work of the SMF absolutely crucial – as we build culturally and intellectually diverse workplaces. I look forward to supporting the already-strong Aspiring Professionals Programme at the Private Bank and seeing where a career at J.P. Morgan takes me.

Through the Social Mobility Foundation, I am a living example that J.P. Morgan seeks to strengthen the communities in which it lives and works. I am very proud to call this my future workplace and am excited to start the Analyst Training Programme in New York next year!

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