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The Black Student Advisory Group (BSAG)

The BSAG is a forum for Black students on the Aspiring Professionals Programme to speak, be heard, and create change within the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF).

The Group is aimed at 16-18-year-old Black students on our Aspiring Professionals Programme (APP). This includes students of Black African, Black Caribbean and Mixed Ethnic Origin.  

The Group is being implemented by the SMF in partnership with two undergraduate students on APP, Wayne and Akua, who have worked hard to conceptualise a way for SMF students and SMF staff to: 

  • Create a safe space for opinions to be shared 
  • Have young Black students consult the SMF and their partner organisations 
  • Create transparency, trust, and honesty between SMF students and the SMF as an organisation 
  • Drive positive change and equality

The first 3 BSAG sessions will be held with SMF students on 31st August, 1st September and 2nd September.

Following the events, SMF will bring together the ideas and thoughts shared across the sessions to compile a Black Student Advisory Group report, which we will use to inform the work we do over the next year.

Wayne and Akua, Co-Founders of the BSAG, said:

2020 was a year of many promises and gestures about racial equality. BSAG is here to drive student-led change to bring about action.

To hear more from Wayne and Akua about the BSAG, join our Instagram Live at 5pm on Thursday 19th August.

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