3 weeks, 18 events, 1295 miles…

We set a record for the SMF this year during the Easter holidays, running 18 events over just three weeks! SMF staff and students from all over the UK hopped on coaches, trains and buses to visit universities away from home and across the country. From Southampton, to Birmingham, to York and many in between, […]

New volunteering programme for SMF students

“Network to get work”,”It’s who you know, not what you know”…we’ve heard it all before, and when it comes to job hunting these sentiments begin to ring very true. Talking to people, mingling and making connections are a sure way to find out more about, and secure, opportunities. This is usually the way we talk about […]

Welcome to our 2015 cohort!

We have been very busy over the last few weeks here at the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF), kicking off the Aspiring Professionals Programme (APP) with seven launch events across the country. Welcoming our largest cohort to date, we have hosted students in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester to introduce them to all the […]

Laurie’s story

I had always struggled in deciding what I wanted to do, at one point I wanted to be just about everything. Soon I decided that because I loved to write stories with my Nan and I loved books that  I would become a writer…or a librarian or a book shop owner. I decided to focus […]

Elite university entry amongst poor high achievers 20% higher if they join an SMF programme

The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) today publishes an independent evaluation by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), funded by JPMorgan Chase Foundation, which examines the SMF’s impact on the university destinations of young people on its programmes. It finds that the impact of its programme on participants, who are high achievers from disadvantaged backgrounds, is […]

Yvonne’s Story

Name: Yvonne Home area: Camden, London Career aspiration: Barrister I am the eldest of three children. Neither of my parents attended university as they were refugees from the Vietnam War who came to the UK when they were teenagers. So when it came to higher education, I was clueless and dependent upon information from my […]

Jasmine’s Story

Name: Jasmine Home area: Greenwich Career aspiration: Systems Analyst My entire academic life has been spent at institutions in South London. The area is known for its low levels of entry to university. This, combined with living in a single-parent household, meant that going to university seemed like a far off horizon I could only […]

Jordan’s Story

Name: Jordan Home area: Newham Professional sector: Media & Communications University: University of Leicester I joined the SMF in August 2010 when I was in Year 12. I lived in an area of high unemployment and scarce opportunities. None of my family went to university and I assumed I would be the same way, since […]

Karen’s Story

Name: Karen Home area: Barnet, London University and Course: University of Nottingham, Accounting and Finance for China Career aspiration: Accountant I went to a school where it was an embarrassment to be in receipt of EMA. Because of my background, I was not expected to achieve good grades. Nonetheless, because I was a very determined […]

Tara’s Story

Name: Tara Home town: Harrogate, North Yorkshire Career aspiration: Senior Civil Servant I am a mixed-race student living in the poor part of a wealthy town in the north of England. Most schemes which encourage students to aim higher target other schools in the area, due to the below-average performance of mine. My father didn’t […]

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