Overview: Architecture is not just about designing buildings but also about how humans use, view and manipulate space. Architects work closely with clients, engineers, surveyors and officials to ensure that a finished product meets expectations and project requirements. The discipline therefore incorporates many other disciplines such as: Art, Design, Engineering, History, Philosophy, Physics and Sociology.

Skills Required: Architects need to be inventive, imaginative and enjoy problem solving.

University and Beyond: Qualifying as an architect in the United Kingdom typically requires five years training at university and a minimum of two years’ experience.  The approach to teaching architecture at degree level differs greatly between universities, so you will need to research the characteristics of the universities and courses available to you.

How the SMF can help: The Social Mobility Foundation works with a number of award-winning architecture firms. Our architecture mentors come from a variety of backgrounds and include people at all stages of their career – from partners to newly-qualified architects.

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