Overview: Business is an umbrella term covering a whole range of careers and professional sectors. From working within a consultancy firm, a fast moving consumer goods company, real estate or a multi-national retail firm, there are infinite possibilities.

Skills required: You’ll need a good strategic sense, logical thinking, business awareness and financial competency. Interpersonal skills are highly rated as business requires working with an organisation’s client to build long-lasting, professional relationships.

University and beyond: There is no ‘one way’ to enter business; it attracts graduates in both humanities and science subjects and employers welcome a diverse range of skills.

How the SMF can help: The Social Mobility Foundation works with a wide range of firms across different business sectors including CBI and PA Consulting. Our previous internships have involved being placed with a team of consultants, working on specific projects, attending meetings, meeting clients and learning how to apply solutions to real-life business problems, as well as placements with commercial property consultancies. Our Mentors in Business come from a range of firms with specialisms that include Strategy, Internet technology, Marketing and Retail.

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