Overview: The Digital sector is one of the largest wealth creators in the UK and has been one of the fastest growing sectors over the last two decades.

Historically telecommunications providers, banks, retailers, government and the financial markets have been heavy users of technology, but the effective uptake and implementation of digital technology is vital for every UK business sector. Professionals such as product managers, marketing managers, project managers, designers, software engineers, analysts and  programmers are increasingly in demand because the entire sector continues to grow rapidly; driven by the explosive growth of the ‘world-wide-web’ and social networking. This the ideal sector for anyone with an inquisitive mind, an interest in technology and a passion for problem solving.

Skills required: Ability to think logically, good at problem solving, attention to detail and good analytical skills.

University and beyond: There is no ‘one way’ into the digital sector;  however employers normally prefer graduates with a degree in an appropriate subject such as physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science or software engineering.

How the SMF can help: The SMF works with a range of leading employers and providers and offers a range of opportunities for students to work within digital departments across a wide range of business areas.

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