Overview: The media is all about information and communication. Whether working for a magazine, website, newspaper, TV channel, radio station, PR firm or publishing company – your aim is to distribute information to audiences: ideas, stories, policies, images, sounds, scriptwriting. For example,  if you are interested in print journalism typical duties may include: reading press releases, researching articles, interviewing sources, establishing and maintaining contacts, proofreading, and keeping up to date with current affairs.

Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. It’s a profession that attracts smart graduates from all sorts of backgrounds – strategic thinkers are needed for planning roles, people who can build and lead diverse teams are needed for account management and quirky imaginative thinkers are needed in creative teams. If you want to be in a fast-moving, highly creative environment and like thinking about brands and their meaning, people and culture, technology and ideas then advertising could be the profession for you.

Skills required: You will need excellent written and oral communication skills.  You will need to have strong communication skills, enthusiasm, good team working and interpersonal skills, time management skills and be able to work under pressure.

University and beyond: There is no ‘one way’ into the Media & Communications sector; it attracts graduates in both humanities and science subjects and employers welcome a diverse range of skills.

How the SMF can help: We offer mentors and internship placements in all sections of the media and advertising. We work with a wide range of media and creative professionals including print and broadcast journalists, production companies, top advertising agencies, publishers and public relations specialists.

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