Overview: Medicine is a very popular career sector in the Aspiring Professionals Programme and competition for places at Medical school is extremely high. This sector is for students who would like to become a doctor. If you’re interested in becoming a vet, dentist, or midwife, unfortunately we do not have a tailored programme for these careers.

Skills Required: According to the British Medical Association, those interested in becoming a doctor must demonstrate a range of personal attributes: commitment; trustworthiness; confidentiality; respect; care; a spirit of enquiry; compassion; competence; responsibility; advocacy. A medical career should not be embarked on lightly.

University and Beyond: Doctors fall into three broad categories: Community health, General practice and Hospital doctors. Budding medics will need to apply to a medical school based at a university to undertake a medical degree (typically five/six years). On graduating, you must apply to the Foundation Programme – a two-year training programme required to practice medicine in the UK. On completion, career options include GP vocational training and the Modernising Medical Careers programme for speciality training. To become a doctor, you will need to be extremely committed to your studies as well as having a range of personal attributes and skills. It is advisable to undertake in-depth research if you are considering a career in medicine, even before you apply to be part of this sector in the Aspiring Professionals Programme.

How the SMF can help: The Social Mobility Foundation works with hospitals, GP’s practices, and research centres to provide work experience placements for students. However, popularity of Medicine with SMF students, in addition to legal regulations in healthcare institutions, means that it is difficult to place students in health-related internships.

If you aspire to become a doctor, and are eligible, please do consider applying to the SMF’s APP Medicine Residential.

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