Overview: If you want to pursue a career in politics, you will need to be passionate about making positive changes to society. You will want to be at the forefront of policy making and determined to achieve ambitious goals.  You could work in an MP’s office in Westminster, supporting the MP with research, press enquiries and diary management. Or you could join a political party and stand for election yourself!

You could also be an impartial civil servant, working in one of the departments which implements government policy and advises ministers, or in their executive agencies – organisations delivering key government services.

Alternatively, you could work for a think-tank. These are research organisations which produce reports on various policy issues, often aiming to influence political parties and/or the government.

Skills required:  Ability to manage deadlines, good team working and interpersonal skills, analytical ability, a good knowledge of current affairs and excellent written and oral communication skills.

University and beyond: You do not necessarily have to have a ‘Politics’ degree to get into the field of politics, but you do need a strong interest.

How the SMF can help: Past SMF students have undertaken internship placements in both Westminster and constituency offices of MPs of all political parties, in executive agencies and civil service departments and think-tanks. Mentors will include MPs’ staff, civil servants and employees at think-tanks.

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