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Become a Mentor with the SMF

E-mentoring is a vital component of the SMF’s Aspiring Professionals Programme. Each year, students living across the UK benefit greatly from advice and support provided by professionals already working in the field they aspire to enter.

It is no exaggeration to say that professionals at all stages of their career – from recent graduates to those working at the highest level in their sector – are able to transform the lives of the young people we support.

SMF students are very bright, but there is rarely anyone in their family (or even amongst friends of their family) who has been to university, or who has entered a profession – let alone a person who has followed the career path that they would one day like to pursue.

At the SMF, we match each student with a professional like you, based on their academic and career interests and other things (for example, their interests outside of college and where they live in the UK). All emails that you send and receive go through our designated and secure website to ensure that your personal details are not passed onto your mentee.

Perhaps you could answer a student’s questions and concerns about getting into a top university. These could be anything, from ‘What books should I be reading?’ to ‘What should I include in my personal statement?’ to ‘Which courses and universities should I consider, if I want to get a job like yours?’ These might seem like simple questions, but for a student who doesn’t know anyone that’s been to university, knowing the answers can make a big difference to his or her confidence and future opportunities.

You’ll also be able to help the student with things like general skills development such as improving their communication skills and giving them advice about how to make an excellent first impression at an interview. You might also support them through other new experiences, like their first job. Helping with these small things can make a huge difference in terms of getting a student into a profession in which they possess the academic potential to succeed.

Furthermore, you’ll get the chance to meet your mentee at our organised Mentoring Meet-Ups, and will receive support through our monthly e-bulletins, which give suggestions on conversation topics as well as on-hand support from our dedicated E-Mentoring Coordinator.

If you think you might like to become a mentor, please click here to register your interest and we will be in touch.