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Student Testimonials

Ahmed, 2014 APP Medicine Student

“I thoroughly enjoyed my work placement at Salford Royal hospital. It was really exciting to see the world of medicine and an active day in the life of a doctor ‘first hand’. The experience affirmed my motives behind choosing this fantastic career.”

Aiden, 2014 APP Law Student

“At Byrom St Chambers, I was welcomed by all the barristers with whom I met. Conversation was made easy in social and professional contexts and I was spoiled with advice about the future. I received insights from barristers who had reached their positions in a variety of different ways. I was also allowed to experience day-to-day events and gained a good knowledge of the concepts of settlement and trial. The whole experience was invaluable.”

Umena, 2013 APP Medicine Student

“Without the SMF’s help with UCAS, UKCAT, BMAT, personal statements and work experience, I would not have received an interview for medical school. I’m so glad to have had the SMF to guide me through this tough process.” 

Mohammed, 2013 CTI Student

“My internship at RBS provided me with great opportunities to put what I have learnt in school into practice as well as to acquire new skills working in a financial setting. During my internship at RBS I shadowed some great graduate interns, from whom I learnt a great deal, and I realised that the banking sector is extremely diverse.”

Ruhi, 2012 J.P. Morgan Student

“I was able to learn about an industry that, in reality you don’t get told much about from schools, so to learn about it first hand was incredible.”

Halima, 2011 APP Politics Student now studying at the University of Oxford

“My internship in David Cameron’s office was a once in a lifetime opportunity that gave me a real insight into politics. The SMF team really care about the students and are doing positive work for those of us who do not have the connections or networks to get into the career that we want to.”

Adele, 2009 APP Engineering Student now studying at UCL

“As well as providing me with an excellent mentor, the SMF also set up an internship at a well-known national company, SSE plc. Through talking to a member of SMF staff, I was also given the great opportunity of a work placement at a mining company in London. Such experiences have allowed me to stand out and helped me to attain an offer from University College London (UCL). I am grateful for these opportunities as I definitely know I would not be where I am today without them.” 

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