We unlock potential, broaden horizons and create opportunities


Directly supporting young people

We nurture the knowledge, confidence and networks of high-achieving young people through our Aspiring Professionals Programme.

Over ten internships secured with two full-time offers would be a dream to some, but with the Social Mobility Foundation it can actually become a reality!

Bashiru | Aspiring Professionals Programme 2018–2023

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Influencing employers

We ensure people with potential can get in and get on in professional life.

Over the past five years, we have taken on board feedback from the Index. As a result, we’ve become more diverse, we’ve created more inclusive and accessible processes, and it’s helped us create a values-led, vibrant environment.

Browne Jacobson LLP

Advocating for social mobility

We campaign on structural social mobility issues and amplify the voices of young people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Department for Opportunities is leading campaigns and initiatives to improve social mobility in the UK, from reducing laptop poverty to closing the class pay gap. Its work has already had an immense impact.

Nik Miller | CEO, The Bridge Group

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