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Only one in eight professionals are from a lower socioeconomic background. Talent is everywhere but opportunity clearly is not.

Employers have an important role to play in solving this. Leading on socioeconomic diversity is not only the right thing to do, it's also good for business. More social mobility provides access to the broadest pool of talent and guards against groupthink.

We work with employers of all sizes to ensure talented people from all social backgrounds can get in and on in the workplace.

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Provide internships and residentials

Open your workplace to talented aspiring professionals and watch their natural talent shine.

Offer skills and career support

We help employers give young people the skills they need to access and thrive in influential professions.

Support our advocacy work

We campaign on structural social mobility issues and amplify young people's voices through our Department for Opportunities.

Provide internships and residentials


Right now, too many work experience opportunities go to relatives of employees or clients. Providing an internship to students on our programme helps to unlock the full potential of our society by rewarding what you know – not who you know.

Students on our programme have top grades and are actively interested in reaching an influential profession. You’ll be welcoming a passionate and talented young person, and providing a vital springboard into your sector.


Offer skills and career support


We work with several employers to create skills and career development opportunities for the students on our programme.

These opportunities vary from one-off volunteering opportunities at skills events that we lead, to designing graduate opportunities inside organisations. We also collaborate with and support partners in creating standalone insight sessions that they run.


Support our advocacy work


We're mobilising a coalition of the willing to campaign on structural social mobility issues and amplify the voices of young people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

We partner with employers that are passionate about breaking down barriers and increasing social mobility through collaboration.

Our collaborations range from small-scale support, like co-hosting thought-leadership events and joining a network of changemakers; through to co-designing research and campaigns.




The students placed here have been switched on, intelligent young people with lots of potential, and everyone has commented how impressed they have been with them and the Foundation.

Fintan Smith



The talent we’ve been fortunate enough to bring in has been exceptional. We’ve felt constantly supported by the Foundation to create a valuable experience for our interns.

Stephanie Hall


Ketchum PR

Enter the Social Mobility Employer Index

Whether you’re leading the way on social mobility, or just getting started, entering the Social Mobility Employer Index will help you level-up your workplace.

The Index is our assessment and benchmarking tool for employer-led social mobility.

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