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The workplace is as important as the classroom in creating social mobility

That's why we created the Social Mobility Employer Index: an annual benchmarking and assessment tool for employers. The Index shows how employers perform on eight areas of employer-led social mobility.

The Key Findings Report details the data and insights gained from analysing Index entries. It provides an overview of social mobility in workplaces that are already committed to improving on socioeconomic diversity.

The report also features best practice and practical steps that your employer can take to improve social mobility in the short, medium and long-term.

2023 Employer Index Report


Data Summary


organisations entered the Index in 2023.


organisations are still offering unpaid internships.


organisations no longer look at grades during their recruitment process.


organisations collect three or four socioeconomic data points on current employees.


organisations publish socioeconomic data.


organisations are measuring their class pay gap.

2023 Employer Index

Top 75 Employers

Please note that some positions are tied

The Employer Index Report

Each year, we details how entrants are performing in key aspects of employer-led social mobility. The report features best practice and practical steps all employers can take to improve social mobility.


Enter the Social Mobility Employer Index to level-up your workplace

Index entrants are rigorously assessed on the steps they are taking to ensure that their workplace is open to talent from all social backgrounds. Employers do not have to enter all sections and have the option to remain anonymous.

There are eight areas of assessment:


Work with young people

Are employers doing outreach work with young people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds? Is outreach delivering accessible routes into the profession?


Routes into the employer

Are there well-structured routes into the organisations? Does parity of esteem between non-graduate and graduate routes? Are graduates treated equally no matter where they went to university?



Do employers recruit graduates from universities outside the Russell Group? Are they making an active effort to diversify their attraction
methods to reach those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds?


Recruitment and selection

Do employers reward potential? Is the employer removing barriers that prevent individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds progressing to selection?


Data collection

To what extent do employers collect and analyse data to understand the socioeconomic diversity of their workforce?


Progression, culture and experienced hires

Is the social mobility of existing employees being measured? Are there tangible efforts to create a more inclusive workplace culture?



Do employers engage staff, suppliers and clients in social mobility efforts?


Employee survey (optional)

What do employees think about the health of social mobility inside the organisation?


How the Social Mobility Employer Index works

How the Index supports employers

Every entrant receives a bespoke feedback report based on their entry. This details the health of social mobility inside your organisation, benchmarked against other entrants and an individual feedback report.

Employers typically use the report to develop their diversity and inclusion work or create a standalone social mobility strategy.

Our dedicated team guides entrants through the Index submission process and provides consultancy to help entrants maximise their individual feedback reports.

How to join the Index

Employers answer questions and provide data across seven areas using our online form, with an optional employee survey.

There is an entry fee of £1,000 (+VAT). This helps us develop and deliver the Index in a sustainable way, create more social mobility and help more people reach their full potential. Charities, SMEs (250 employees or fewer) and entrants via our thinktank pilot are exempt from the fee.

Please enter your details above if you're interested in joining the 2024 Employer Index. Specific entry information will be published in the new year.

About the Key Findings Report

The Key Findings Report is our annual analysis of the data collected from employers who entered the Index. We provide a national picture of employer-led social mobility in workplaces that already prioritise the issue.

Further context

This is the seventh year of the Social Mobility Employer Index. The Index has transformed how employers understand and deliver on socioeconomic diversity: improving the recruitment, retention, and progression of employees from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Employer Index Cycle



Key Findings published



Index opens for entries



Entries assessed by the Social Mobility Foundation



Scoring, benchmarking and analysis

Ready to take the lead on social mobility?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my entry fee?

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You’ll be asked to commit to paying as part of the entry process. We’ll send you an invoice when the entry window closes. Payment should be made within 30 days of the invoice date. Unless your organisation is exempt, you must pay the entry fee to receive your personalised feedback report and be included in the benchmarking process.

What if I find the entry fee prohibitive?

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Please contact employerindex@socialmobility.org.uk.

I want to enter but don't feel my organisation is ready. What should I do?

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We know that all employers are at different stages of their social mobility journey. That's why we allow entrants to skip questions. This does incur a penalty, though entrants can also opt to remain anonymous. Entering the Index can simply be about evaluating how your organisation is currently performing.

Is it suitable for charities?

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Yes. We are working with ACEVO (the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations) to deliver a pilot scheme that is encouraging more entries from the charity sector and providing bespoke support to charity entrants.

How much does it cost to enter the Index?

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There is an entry fee of £1,000 (+VAT). This contribution to our charity will help us develop and deliver the Index in a sustainable way. Charities, SMEs (250 employees or fewer) and organisations on our pilots are exempt.

Do I have to enter every year?

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Some employers use the Index as one-off benchmarking tool, though it is of maximum value when employers enter annually. It shows you where you are improving and helps you respond to the evolving socioeconomic context, such as the Education Recovery Agenda or cost-of-living crisis.

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