That’s why we're amplifying the stories and views of young people to transform our society.

Unheard Voices is engaging, informing and assisting civil society to create better policy and new opportunities that unlock our country’s potential.


Unheard Voices is amplifying the stories and views of young people with the power to transform our society.

Read our research looking at young people's views on equity and fairness in the workplace (summer 2023).


We've heard stories of resilience and creativity from young people responding to the challenges of our time. But there's also frustration that things are so hard.

There's a sense that government does not understand what all young people need to thrive. In response, we published a Youth Manifesto to hold the government to account.

We also set out the role of employers in creating a more equal society.

It’s time to nurture, harness and reward talent from all social backgrounds.

Read the Youth Manifesto


We campaign on structural social mobility issues and amplify the voices of young people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.