The Department for Opportunities is our advocacy and campaigns arm.

New research shows the horrifying truth that employees from working-class backgrounds are being paid less than their middle-class peers.

Even when people from working-class backgrounds successfully enter professional occupations, more privileged counterparts still earn £6,718 more per year.

Classism is an insidious force holding people down that rarely shows itself explicitly. It includes unnerving, euphemistic concepts like someone lacking ‘polish’ – which we routinely hear in the professional workplace – that ultimately lead to this Class Pay Gap.

These attitudes represent the self-presentational markers of a privileged class background that we continue to mistake as markers of merit, ability or potential.

It is simply not right that a Class Pay Gap exists in modern Britain. It holds back social mobility, prevents employers promoting and keeping the best talent, and undermines meritocracy.

As the cost of living rises, we have a moral responsibility to stamp out the Class Pay Gap once and for all. All of us can be part of the solution. It’s time to act!