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Social Mobility Employer Index

Top 75 UK employers for social mobility 2019 revealed.

Read more about this year’s findings here.


The Index is an important bench-marking initiative that ranks Britain’s employers for the first time on the actions they are taking to ensure they are open to accessing and progressing talent from all backgrounds and it showcases progress towards improving social mobility.

The aim of the Index is to encourage firms to share their initiatives and progress in becoming more inclusive employers and to reveal which sectors and companies are taking the issue of social mobility most seriously.

The Index launched in 2017 and since then 172 employers across 18 different sectors, collectively representing 1.5 million employees in the UK, have taken part.

Research has consistently shown that people from more affluent backgrounds take a disproportionate number of the best jobs and that employers tend to disproportionately employ graduates who went to private schools and elite universities.

All organisations are entitled to remain anonymous, receiving feedback on their performance without being named, and any organisation finishing outside the top 75 is not published. The Index is free to enter, and each employer receives an individual feedback report highlighting areas where they performed well and where improvements can be made. Annual submissions to the Index will therefore enable employers to make tangible progress towards their social mobility goals. 

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