The Aspiring Professionals Programme (APP)  is carefully designed to open up professions for those with the ability to join them in the future, but without the means or networks to get there.

We aim to give young people a real insight into top professions and to provide them with the skills needed to achieve their aspirations. We offer support through our four pillars:

  1. Mentoring by a professional via email
  2. Tailored skills sessions and career workshops
  3. University application support and guidance
  4. Internships with top employers

Students complete one application to the APP but the strand they are on and therefore how they receive our four pillars of support depends on where they live:

APP City

Students living in and near Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Newcastle should apply for APP City. Skills sessions, university application support and internships are offered in their city throughout the year. They will also receive a mentor from their chosen sector.

APP Employer Insight Programmes

Students living outside our cities should apply for an APP Employer Insight Programme, a summer internship with a top employer in London or Middlesbrough. Skills sessions and university application support are provided during the programme, and online afterwards. Students also receive a mentor from their programme partner.

APP Reach

Students who live outside London can apply for APP Reach. It’s open to motivated, ambitious students who may be unable to attend workshops in person, or who may not meet our academic criteria. Students receive online resources and video tutorials to develop key skills and career knowledge, university application support, and a mentor from their chosen sector.

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