Emily's Story

My experience on the Aspiring Professionals Programme has unlocked a new level of drive and determination to succeed in my career pathway. Having this valuable knowledge of speaking to professionals and gaining experience in my chosen field allows me to flourish because I know that my goals are achievable, and the steps that are required to take me there.

This is a life-changing programme. It has given me so much more confidence and vital skills that are essential for progressing through education and into the professional world.

What opportunities have you gained on the Aspiring Professionals Programme?

I’ve attended several workshops throughout my years with the Social Mobility Foundation, the most useful being about learning professional skills and ‘making an impression’. As well as industry talks with big companies like BP and J.P. Morgan, learning more about the opportunities within their sectors and gaining vital industry knowledge from professionals.

I’ve also attended sector specific events; my sector is engineering and physics and the Foundation organised a trip to the University of Manchester to have a full in-depth engineering day which was extremely eye-opening.

What has been your favourite aspect of the programme so far, and why?

My favourite aspect of the programme was when I completed work experience for ARUP, a global leading engineering firm. I spent a week with lots of industry professionals in different disciplines of engineering and completed tasks that were like their own projects that they were working on. It gave me a great insight into what each sector of engineering really entails in an industry setting and how big firms run on a local and global scale.

Emily now studies Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology at Lancaster University.

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