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Department for Opportunities

Department for Opportunities is the campaigning arm of the Social Mobility Foundation, focusing on the changes civil society actors can make to improve social mobility in the UK.


The aim of the new Department for Opportunities (DO) is to mobilise a coalition of the willing – including employers, communities, charities, councils, schools, colleges and universities – to take action within their spheres of influence to improve social mobility.

DO’s focus will be on civil society rather than Whitehall, working with leaders in the social mobility field to establish what interventions work most effectively and advocate for their adoption. It will work alongside such civil society organisations to help them adopt practical social mobility-friendly approaches and will benchmark those taking the most effective actions.

The Department for Opportunities will use its convening power and thought leadership to connect people, places and organisations so they can take effective actions to make the UK fairer. It will look for solutions in opportunity inequality on both an economic and geographical level. The core business of DO will be to stimulate action in civil society.